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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Animating a Bar Chart

You can set up a bar chart so that one data series is revealed at a time. You also can use 3D perspective to improve your chart’s readability for the audience.

  1. In the slide navigator, select slide 4.
  2. Select the chart on the canvas. Then select the Chart Inspector.
  3. From the Chart Type menu, choose the first 3D option.

    The chart is rendered in 3D, but in a flat gray color, which you will change later in this section.

  4. Select the Build Inspector and click Build In. Then choose the following options:
    • Effect—Dissolve
    • Delivery—By Element in Series
    • Duration—1.00 s
    • Choose 2 from the “Build from” menu; leave the “Build to” menu set to Last. This option ensures that the gridlines are already on the slide when it first appears.
  5. Click the More Options button.
  6. From the Build Order list, select Series Elements.
  7. For Start Build, choose “Automatically after prior build”; for Delay, choose 1.0 s.
  8. Select the Slide Inspector and click Transition. Then choose the following options:
    • Transition Effect—3D Effects: Page Flip
    • Direction—Up
    • Duration—2.00 s
  9. To change the gray bars back to our eye-catching red, click one of the vertical bars.

    All of the bars become selected.

  10. Select the Graphic Inspector, then click the Fill color well to open the Colors window.
  11. With the magnifying glass, select the red in the logo to color the chart.
  12. Press Command-S to save your document.
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