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Use your Favorite Text Styles Easily

TextEdit doesn’t have the powerful style sheets of a full-blown word processor, but it does make your writing life much easier by letting you create favorite styles of basic type features so you can apply them quickly. A “style” contains all of the formatting information, such as typeface, size, color, indents, etc., so you can apply everything to selected text with one click of a button.

These styles are saved with TextEdit, not with an individual document, so you can use the same styles in different documents.

To create your own favorite style:

  1. Type some text, any text, and set up the typeface, size, color, linespace, and the ruler the way you want it.
  2. Click anywhere in that formatted text.
  3. From the “Styles” menu in the toolbar, choose “Other...”
  4. Click the button, “Add To Favorites.”
  5. Name your new favorite style and choose your options. Click “Add.”

To apply a style, select the characters, then choose the style name from the Styles menu. All of the formatting that you saved with that style will be automatically applied with the click of that button.

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