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Step Ten

In the filmstrip, scroll back to the left a bit and Command-click (PC: Ctrl-click) a different photo that appears earlier in the filmstrip (as in Figure 10, where I added a shot of a horse running on the beach). Notice that this shot now takes over the first position on the first page, and it shuffles all the other photos down one. (Click on the right-arrow button to see the second page. The photo that was in the third slot on mine—a shot of my buddy Dave Moser when we were shooting in Vermont—has moved to the last cell.) So, the order in which you add photos matters (well, at least it can matter if you want particular photos on particular pages). If you want your photos to appear in a certain order, put them in that order in the filmstrip first, knowing that the leftmost photo winds up in the first slot, the next photo in the next, and so on.

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