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Step Fourteen

Just to take this another step further (and show what can be done), let’s try taking the same idea, but making the columns tall inside of wide—it’s easier than it sounds. Start by choosing the 4 Wide template; then go up to the Image Settings panel and turn off the Zoom to Fill Frame checkbox. Select four photos in the filmstrip. Go over to the Layout panel. In the Page Grid section, change the settings to 1 row and 4 columns to give you four tall columns (see Figure 14). To add some extra space between cells, go to the Cell Spacing section and drag the Horizontal slider to the right to 0.19. Finally, in the Margins section, set the Left and Right margin sliders to 0.22, the Top slider to 0.37, and the Bottom slider to 2.73. Of course, the photos don’t fill the cells the way they did with the wide layout, but that’s a one-click fix we’ll handle in the next step.

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