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Creating Copies of Source Clips

You can create a copy of any item in the Project panel using the Cut, Copy, Paste, and Duplicate commands. As you can guess by now, creating a copy of a clip doesn't create a new source media file; it only creates another reference to the same file.

To copy and paste clips:

  1. Select one or more clips (Figure 4.28).
    Figure 4.28

    Figure 4.28 Select the clips you want to copy.

  2. Do one of the following:
  3. View the destination in the main clip area of the Project panel.

    If necessary, open the destination bin.

  4. Choose Edit > Paste (Figure 4.30).
    Figure 4.30

    Figure 4.30 Navigate to a destination in the Project panel, and choose Edit > Paste.

  5. A duplicate of the clip appears in the selected destination. The clip uses exactly the same name as the original.
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