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Turning Off iPod Auto-Updating

Each time you connect your iPod to your computer, iTunes automatically starts an updating (auto-synchronizing) process that transfers onto your iPod any new songs you’ve downloaded in iTunes, so your iPod is always up-to-date. It also deletes from the iPod any songs you may have removed from your iTunes Music Library, to keep iTunes and your iPod always “in sync.” So, if you’re not downloading new songs often, or you’re not ready to take certain songs off the iPod, or your iTunes Music Library is larger than the amount of space on your iPod, you might not want it automatically syncing every time you put your iPod in its Dock just for charging—especially since this syncing ties up your iPod and iTunes. If you’d prefer to update your iPod manually, you can turn off this “auto-syncing.” Here’s how: While your iPod is connected to your computer, click on your iPod’s icon under Devices on the left side of the iTunes window. When your iPod’s Summary tab appears, choose Manually Manage Music and Videos (or choose Manually Manage Music if you don’t have a video iPod). Now you’re in charge of syncing, and here’s how it works: Look to the immediate left of your iPod in the iTunes Source list and you’ll see a gray triangle. Click on it to see all the playlists on your iPod. To update your iPod manually, just drag a song from your iTunes Music Library (at the top of the Source list on the left) and drop it where you want it on one of the iPod’s playlists. If it sounds like an awfully manual way to sync, that’s because it is.

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