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Recording MIDI Takes

When you want to nail a performance, or experiment with various musical ideas, you can record different takes and later choose the best one. The techniques to record MIDI takes are similar to the techniques you used to record audio takes in Lesson 2. You can record over an existing MIDI region, or you can use cycle recording to record one take for each pass of the cycle.

Cycle mode should still be turned on from the previous exercise. Let’s record takes in Cycle mode and experiment using different melodies for a bass line.

  1. In the Transport bar, hold down the Record button and choose Recording Settings from the pop-up menu (or press Option-* (the asterisk on the numeric keypad), or press Option-R on a laptop).

    The Recording Project Settings dialog opens.

  2. In the MIDI area, from the “Overlapping recordings” pop-up menu, choose “Create take folders.”
  3. Close the Project Settings window.
  4. In the Arrange area, unmute track 1 (Drums/Audio 1) and mute track 3 (Funk Boogie Kit/Inst 2).
  5. Create a new software instrument track and open the Library.
  6. In the Library, choose 02 Bass > 02 Electric Bass > Attitude Bass.
  7. Start recording and play a different melody for each pass of the cycle until you have 4 takes.

    A MIDI take is recorded for each pass of the cycle where you play MIDI notes. If you don’t play anything for a whole cycle, no take is recorded. The takes are packed into a take folder.

    When a new cycle begins, the take you just recorded is automatically muted. You can listen to it by switching to play mode.

  8. Click the Play button (or press Enter).

    You are now in play mode, and you can hear the last take you recorded.

  9. Open the take folder menu and choose the take you want to hear.

    You can also double-click the take folder to open it, and click the take you want to hear. Double-click the take folder to close it.

  10. Stop playback and turn off Cycle mode.
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