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Recording a Performance in Play Mode

When looking for musical ideas, you often simply play back the project and experiment on your MIDI keyboard. But how many times have you jammed along in play mode, only to later wish that you had recorded your performance?

In Logic, the good news is that every MIDI performance is recorded in memory, even in play mode. However, only the most recent performance is kept in memory. If you are happy with your previous performance, you can capture it as a recording right after you stop playback.

  1. Mute the Attitude Bass track.
  2. Select the Suitcase V2 track.

    The MIDI region on the track is selected. If you have several MIDI regions on that track, all the regions are selected.

  3. Press Delete.

    All the selected MIDI regions are deleted.

  4. Start playback.
  5. Play your MIDI controller keyboard for four or five bars.
  6. Stop playback.
  7. Press Control-* (the asterisk on the numeric keypad) (or press Control-Option-Command-R on a laptop), the Capture as Recording command.

    The performance you just played is captured as a recording. The MIDI region is created on the track, and the notes are displayed in the Piano Roll Editor.

    Capture as Recording only works immediately after you stop playback. If you press 0 to go back to the beginning of the project, or start playback again, the performance is lost.

This technique can also be useful to fool a musician into thinking you are not recording. Some musicians perform better without the pressure of the red light!

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