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Using Punch Recording

You can use the punch-on-the-fly and autopunch techniques you learned for audio recording to punch on MIDI recordings. However, the default behavior when recording MIDI is to merge the punched-in MIDI recording with the existing region on the track. If you want to use punching techniques to correct a portion of a performance, you’ll have to turn on the Replace mode.

Let’s customize the Transport bar to display the Replace Mode button, and use the Autopunch function to punch in on the piano recording you captured in the previous exercise.

  1. Control-click the Transport bar and choose Customize Transport bar from the shortcut menu.

    The Customize dialog opens.

  2. In the Modes and Functions column, select Replace and click OK.

    The Replace button is displayed in the Transport bar.

  3. Click both the Autopunch and Replace buttons.

    In order to merge the new events you are going to record over the Autopunch area with the existing region on the track, you need to change your recording settings back to the default settings.

  4. In the Transport bar, hold down the mouse button on the Record button and choose Recording Settings from the pop-up menu.

    The Recording Project Settings dialog opens.

  5. In the MIDI area, from the “Overlapping recordings” pop-up menu, choose “Merge with selected regions.”
  6. In the Bar ruler, adjust the Autopunch area around a section of the Piano you want to record over.

    Make sure the Autopunch area is placed over a section of the piano performance you captured in the previous exercise.

  7. Go to the beginning of the project and make sure the Suitcase V2 track is still record enabled.
  8. Click the Record button and start playing right away.

    In the MIDI Piano region, the notes below the Autopunch area are deleted.

    You can hear the notes you are playing, but only the notes played within the Autopunch area are recorded inside the MIDI region.

  9. Turn off the Autopunch and Replace modes.
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