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Getting Shots of Lightning (Automatically)

If you try some lightning shots and fall in love with this type of photography, you might want to consider buying a Lightning Trigger (they’re not cheap—so make sure you’re truly “in love” first). This unit sits on your camera and it has a sensor that detects the bright flash of light from lightning, so it opens the shutter at exactly the right moment and gets the shot for you. In fact, you can pretty much set up your camera, set your camera to shutter priority mode (with your shutter speed anywhere from ⅛ to ¼ of a second), aim in the right direction, sit back with a cool drink, and wait for the magic to happen, knowing that your camera is doing all the hard work for you. Later, when you’re showing off your amazing work, there is no obligation (from the manufacturer’s point of view) for you to tell the people viewing your work that you used a Lightning Trigger. Hey, it’s just another tool in your bag of tricks. Go to for a model that works with most cameras (it runs around $329 direct from the manufacturer. Hey, I told you it wasn’t cheap).

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