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Review Quiz

  1. What is the main function of directory services?
  2. What standard is used for data access with Open Directory? What version and level of support is provided for this standard?
  3. How can network administrators automatically configure clients with Open Directory configurations?
  4. What four roles can be used by Mac OS X Server when speaking about Open Directory?
  5. What are the two methods of applying password policies and where are they located?


  1. Directory services provide a central repository for information about the systems, applications, and users in an organization.
  2. Open Directory uses the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) standard to provide a common language for directory access. Full read-and-write support for LDAP is provided with Mac OS X Server.
  3. System administrators can use DHCP to dynamically assign IP addresses as well as provide computers with the settings on where to find DNS and LDAP servers on the local network. Armed with these settings, clients can then place requests for directory services to the correct authority.
  4. Open directory master, standalone server, connected to a directory system, open directory replica.
  5. Per-user policies are defined in Workgroup Manager, and global policies are defined in Server Admin.
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