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Step 5: Test

You can test the results of your efforts by viewing the page or post on which the embedded movie should appear. Figure 10 shows how it appears within a blog entry on my Maria’s Guides site ( As you can see, I also included a link to download the large size of the QuickTime movie. This is completely optional and not necessarily recommended. But if your bandwidth can support it, why not?

Figure 10

Figure 10 Here’s a clip from my blog entry with the QuickTime Movie embedded.

Click the poster frame movie to be sure the QuickTime movie loads (see Figure 11). Depending on which method you used to insert it, you’ll either have to click the controller’s Play button or else the movie will start playing automatically.

Figure 11

Figure 11 Clicking the movie poster begins loading the video into the browser.

If things don’t work as shown here, go back and check the code. Pay close attention to the variables you set. Make sure that there aren’t any typos. Save any changes you make and try again.

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