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Step 6

Although my memory is sketchy, that’s okay because I didn’t forget to create hierarchical keywords, so clicking Netherlands brings me all the shots taken in that country. Clicking the flippy triangle to the left of the keyword expands to show all the keywords created as children of that keyword. For example, under my Netherlands keyword, I click Bike, and now only the shots of bikes that I took in the Netherlands appear (see Figure 6). The difference in this method is that, if I just clicked the keyword Bike, Lightroom would show all my photos, from all over the world, tagged with the keyword Bike. But by using keywords that are children of my main keyword, I’m two clicks away from narrowing things down to just the bike shots from the Netherlands. Sadly, upon seeing these, I realize that the shot I’m hunting still isn’t here. Next stop: the Metadata Browser, which filters things down by metadata.

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