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Step 11

Now that the layer mask has been added, I get the Brush tool (press B), press X to set the Foreground color to black, and choose a very large, soft-edged brush (see Figure 11). With that brush, I paint over the front of the car and a little bit of the sides, but not all the way to the back of the car—it looks good with a little bit of that zoom effect still visible back there. If you make a mistake when using the Brush tool, just press X again to switch your Foreground color to white, and paint over the area you didn’t mean to paint. The zoom blur will reappear in the area you’re painting. (That’s the power of layer masks—you can always go back and fix or change your edits.)

Okay, that’s enough effects. Let’s sharpen this puppy and head back to Lightroom.

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