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Step 13

At this point, I’ve hidden lines, removed spots, added a zoom filter effect, and majorly sharpened the photo. Now it’s time to save the photo and return to Lightroom. For this steps, you can choose File > Save or simply close the image. (Don’t choose Save As. You don’t want to change the name of this file, and it won’t go back to Lightroom automatically; thus, it will hose your workflow.)

If you close the image, the dialog box in Figure 13 appears, asking whether you want to save the changes made in Photoshop. (Notice how the name of the photo has -Edit before the extension? Lightroom automatically added that text to indicate that this is a copy of the original, created for editing outside of Lightroom.) Clicking Don’t Save closes the photo and returns to Lightroom, but without any of the changes applied in Photoshop. Clicking the Save button saves the new changes and sends the photo back to Lightroom with those Photoshop edits intact.

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