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Step 1: Good Housekeeping

Good housekeeping means organizing your Windows/Mac folders and your media files before you even launch Premiere CS3. Organizing your media now is time well spent.

Task: To organize your media, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the root of your media drive. The media drive is usually the largest drive on your computer, but should not be the drive that holds your OS.
  2. Create a folder called Photomontage – Peachpit – Article1 (see Figure 1).
  3. Inside this new folder, create two more folders called Images and Music (see Figure 2).
  4. Copy any images and the music file you need from their current location into the relevant folders you have just created.

Why Do We Do This?

Media files come from all sources: CDs or DVDs, home network drives, and other removable sources. The problem is that these sources may be removed long before the project comes to an end or "reorganized" by anyone in your home!

A few moments of housekeeping doesn’t necessary lead to video-editing nirvana, but it can remove a little of the stress. It also means you can return at any time to your project, safe in the knowledge that all your media will be where Premiere expects it to be. Do it today before someone else’s housekeeping does it to you!

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