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Step 4: Import Multiple Files

Using the above method is fine for single files, but if you’ve already taken the time to create a folder containing only the images you want (you have done that, right?), it makes more sense to exploit this with a neat time-saving workflow built into Premiere CS3.

Task: To import a folder, do the following:

  1. Locate the Project panel and right-click/Ctrl+click anywhere outside of a bin to deselect anything in the Panel, and choose Import from the contextual menu (see Figure 10).
  2. When the Import dialog box opens, browse to the Images folder, but don’t open it; instead, simply select it by clicking on it once (see Figure 11).
  3. With the Images folder highlighted, click Import Folder in the bottom right of the Import dialog box (see Figure 12).

The entire contents of that folder will now be imported into Premiere CS3, and a new bin called Images will automatically be created.

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