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Step 4: Move Images

Now that you have your markers fine-tuned, it’s time to adjust the images to match up with these new marker positions.

In Premiere CS 3, there are a number of ways to make this happen and in the next set of tasks you will look at one of the most commonly ignored: the Rolling Edit Tool.

To make adjustments using the Rolling Edit Tool, do the following:

  1. Move a marker so that it falls slightly to the right of the edit point (see the previous section, "Moving Markers" for details).
  2. If the Tools palette is not already visible, open it by selecting Window > Tools from the menu (see Figure 18).
  3. From the Tools palette, click the Rolling Edit tool to select it (see Figure 19).
  4. Place the cursor over the point where two clips meet and stop when it shows two double-headed arrows (see Figure 20).
  5. Holding down the mouse button, drag the cursor either up or down the timeline until you reach the marker.
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