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Viewing and Setting Item Properties

The Item Properties window is the central location for information about an individual clip. The settings on three tabs in the Item Properties window allow you to view or change the properties of a clip. Besides the general clip information column in the far left of the window, you'll see a column for the clip's video track and separate columns for each audio track in the clip. This expansion of the Item Properties window makes it possible to combine one video track with up to 24 tracks of audio from different sources and track each audio channel separately.

To open a clip's Item Properties window:

  1. Select the clip in the Browser or Timeline or open it in the Viewer.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Choose Edit > Item Properties.
    • Control-click the item; then choose Item Properties from the shortcut menu (Figure 4.76).
      Figure 4.76

      Figure 4.76 Choose Item Properties from the clip's shortcut menu.

    • Press Command-9.

To get information about the format of a clip:

  1. Open the clip's Item Properties window using one of the methods described on the previous page.

    The Item Properties window opens, displaying the Format tab. This tab displays data on the location of the source media file, file size, and format characteristics for each track of the clip (Figure 4.77).

    Figure 4.77

    Figure 4.77 The Format tab of the Item Properties window displays format information about an individual clip or sequence.

  2. Control-click the item's setting in the Clip column to modify the following Format properties:
    • Name: Enter a new name for the clip.
    • Pixel Aspect Ratio: Select a pixel aspect ratio for the clip.
    • Anamorphic: If your clip's source media is 16:9, enabling this option ensures that FCE will interpret and display the clip's pixel aspect ratio properly.
    • Field Dominance: Specify the dominant field by making a selection from the shortcut menu.
    • Alpha Type: Select an alpha channel type for the video clip.
    • Reverse Alpha: Reverse the alpha channel of the video clip.
    • Composite Mode: Select the mode to be used when compositing the video clip.
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