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Step 4: Add a Video Effect

In this next section, you’ll learn how to add a simple video effect to your image.

To add an effect, do the following:

  1. In the Effects panel, locate the Contains box and type in Lens. As you type, you will see the various effects being filtered out until only the Lens Flare and Lens Distortion effects remain (see Figure 3.14).
  2. Select the Lens Flare effect with your mouse and drag it onto an image in your timeline (see Figure 3.15).
  3. Press Shift+5 to display the Effect Controls panel, if it’s not already displayed.
  4. Click the triangle next to the Lens Flare to open the options for this effect. In this case they control position and brightness, among others (see Figure 3.16). Different effects display a different range of options. Full details of these controls can be found in the Adobe Help file.
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