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Step 5: Set Up a PiP Effect

A Picture-in-Picture (PiP) effect is a cool way of creating a preview of what will be displayed in your photomontage by displaying a collage of upcoming images. It’s a convincing effect; when applied to video, you’ll find endless creative uses for this simple yet highly watchable effect.

A PiP effect is created by stacking clips, one on top of the other, so they appear in their own separate windows, or picture. For a PiP to work, you’ll need to set up the timeline first.

To set up a PiP effect, do the following:

  1. Double-click the Images folder in your Project panel.
  2. Drag one of the images from this folder onto Video 2 so that it sits directly over the first image (see Figure 3.17).
  3. Repeat the above, but place the next image on Video 3 (see Figure 3.18).
  4. Do this again, but this time place the image in the empty area over the top of Video 3 (see Figure 3.19).

    Once you drop the image, a new track (Video 4) will be automatically created (see Figure 3.20).

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