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Step 8

To adjust the crop area, just grab one of the corners (or the sides, or anywhere on the border, for that matter) and drag inward. As you drag, notice that a grid appears dividing the cropped area into thirds, giving you a "rule of thirds" overlay. How sweet is that?! By default, this crop area resizes proportionally, using the same aspect ratio as your photo. If you’d like a vertical cropping border, rather than the horizontal one shown in Figure 8, just click the bottom-right corner and drag up and to the left at a 45-degree angle, and it will flip over to being vertical. If you’d like a non-constrained freeform cropping border, click the lock icon in the toolbar (circled in Figure 8) to unlock the proportional constraint. Then you can move any side, the top, or the bottom without it being constrained. When the cropping looks good to you, press the letter R on your keyboard to lock in the crop and hide the cropping border.

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