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What Is Service Pack 1 (a.k.a. SP1)?

You may have heard about Vista Service Pack 1, also called SP1, for short. Essentially, SP1 is a cumulative collection of all fixes that have been released for Vista since it first came out. This includes performance enhancements, compatibility fixes, and most importantly, security updates. Think of it like a band’s greatest hits collection—it’s not anything new, it’s just all of the best stuff wrapped up in one place. Depending on when you’re reading this and when you got your computer (or upgraded to Vista), you may or may not already have SP1 (see the tip below to find out how to tell if you do or don’t). If you don’t, then you should definitely install it. Another question that’s just as important is, “What is SP1 not?” It’s not new stuff. You’re not going to actually see any of the changes in the user interface or any new programs. It’s all under-the-hood stuff to make your computer run better. So, even if you think you’ve kept current with all of your updates, make sure you install SP1, because there are always a few new things thrown in the actual service pack that make it worth installing.

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