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Windows Defender

Now let’s take a look at how to use Windows Defender. First, open it by going to the Start menu and choosing All Programs>Windows Defender. If you recall from the previous tip, there are two ways to use Windows Defender. The first is to scan your computer for any harmful software that may already be on it. To do that, just press the Scan button and Vista will do the rest. Next, you can also use Windows Defender to protect your computer in real-time in hopes of avoiding the bad software ever even getting onto your computer. To use this part you’ll need to make sure that real-time protection is turned on. Click on the Tools button in Windows Defender and, under Settings, choose Options. Scroll down the options window to Real-Time Protection Options. Here you’ll need to make sure the Use Real-Time Protection checkbox is turned on. That way, Vista will help protect your computer as you work, to avoid having any bad software make it onto your system.

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