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What Is a Virus and How Is It Different from Spyware?

A virus is a different form of malware because it can be destructive (FYI: You may also have heard viruses referred to as worms or Trojan horses). While spyware can be destructive from the aspect of slowing down your computer and lessening your enjoyment of your Internet experience, a virus can be destructive to the point of destroying your important files. Here’s the really important part, though: not only is a virus different, but the way that Vista handles them is different. You see, Vista includes ways to protect your computer from spyware. However, it doesn’t include any type of virus protection. This means that, out of the box, Vista will not protect your computer from viruses you can get from emailing or downloading files. If you want to get virus protection, you’re going to need some type of third-party software for that.

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