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Cropping a Photo

Cropping an image allows you to change its composition. This can mean removing distracting elements, improving framing, or trimming the edges of the image to target a particular aspect ratio. Crops can be performed manually with the Crop tool or by using the Crop Adjustment controls.

The Crop tool allows for freehand control, which is desirable when you want to quickly frame an image. When combined with the Crop HUD, you can target a specific aspect ratio. If you need to size an image to exact dimensions (such as for printing), then you’ll find Aperture’s Crop controls useful.

Cropping Images with the Crop Tool

The Crop tool is an easy way to remove distracting objects from a photo. The Crop tool is nondestructive, so you can adjust the crop or revert to your original image at any time.

  1. Select the Lesson04 project in the Projects inspector. If you can’t see both the Viewer and Browser, press the V key to cycle views until both are visible. Be sure to exit Quick Preview mode by pressing the P key before continuing with the exercise.
  2. Select the image Kids 13 in the Browser.

    The photo of the girl could be improved by removing the second girl (who is mostly obscured) from the shot.

  3. Select the Crop Tool in the tool strip.

    The Crop HUD appears.

  4. In the Crop HUD, click the Common Sizes pop-up menu and choose 5 Χ 7.

    The new target size is entered into the HUD.

  5. Hold down the Command key and drag with the Crop tool to drag a rectangle over the image.

    Holding down the Command key adds a proportional grid to help with composition. Try to position the intersection of lines over the eyes to preserve the “rule of thirds.”

  6. When satisfied with the crop, press the Return key.

    The image is cropped to the specified target size.

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