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Cropping Images with the Crop Controls

It’s important to remember that the Crop adjustments are very flexible because they work as adjustments. This means that you can modify a crop at any time.

  1. Control-click Kids 13 and choose Duplicate Version from the shortcut menu.

    A new version of the image named Kids 13 – Version 2 is added to your project.

  2. With Kids 13 – Version 2 selected choose the Crop tool from the tool strip.

    The crop handles are displayed and the cropped portion of the image becomes available.

  3. Press Control-A to open the Adjustments inspector, then locate the Crop adjustment.
  4. Modify the crop values so that only the left edge is cropped.

    We used the values shown in the image below (measured in pixels).

  5. When satisfied with the crop, press Return.
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