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Straightening a Photo

Getting a perfectly level image can often be difficult. A tripod with a bubble level can help, but sometimes, “getting the shot” is more important than perfection. What generally happens in the post-production stages is that an adjustment is made to level the horizon in images that need straightening. Here’s how you can make that adjustment in Aperture.

  1. Select the image Kids 15 in the Browser.
  2. Click the Straighten tool in the tool strip (or press G to select it with your keyboard).
  3. Click the image to rotate it either clockwise or counterclockwise.

    As you rotate an image, a yellow grid overlay appears. This can help you straighten the horizon in the photo. As you rotate, the image is cropped to prevent gaps from appearing in the corners.

    For this image, the photo needs to be rotated clockwise until the perpendicular edges of the dresser appear straight. We used an angle of approximately -1.4°.

  4. Refine a Straighten adjustment by controlling it numerically in the Adjustments inspector.
  5. Click the Lift button in the tool strip to lift the image adjustment.

    The Lift & Stamp HUD opens to show which properties have been lifted.

  6. In the Lift & Stamp HUD, deselect the checkbox next to IPTC (since you don’t need to modify the metadata for the image).
  7. In the Browser, drag to select the images Kids 16 and Kids 17.
  8. Click the Stamp Selected Images button in the Lift & Stamp HUD.

    The Straighten adjustment is applied to the two images shot under similar conditions.

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