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Adjusting White Balance

A very common adjustment that you’ll perform is a white balance adjustment. By modifying the white balance you can remove unwanted color cast from an image. Using the White Balance eyedropper, you can usually adjust the color temperature and tint for an image. A white balance adjustment is generally made before all other color and tone adjustments, because it achieves a baseline so that the image can be further refined.

  1. In the Browser, select the image Kids 4.

    This is the first of three images shot under similar lighting.

  2. In the White Balance area of the Adjustments inspector, select the White Balance eyedropper.

    The pointer changes to the Loupe to show a magnified view of the target area.

  3. Position the target over the white in the shirt.
  4. Click to set the white balance in the image.

    The white balance of the image is adjusted by shifting the color tonality of the image cooler. Because the next two images were photographed under similar conditions, we can reuse the white balance adjustment.

  5. Select the Lift tool in the tool strip to lift the image adjustment.

    The Lift & Stamp HUD opens to show which properties have been lifted.

  6. In the Lift & Stamp HUD, make sure the checkbox next to IPTC is deselected.
  7. In the Browser, drag to select the images Kids 5 and Kids 6.
  8. Click the Stamp Selected Images button in the Lift & Stamp HUD.

    The white balance adjustment is applied to the two images shot under similar conditions.

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