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Step 7

Under Rendering Intent, you have two choices (see Figure 7): Perceptual or Relative. Theoretically, choosing Perceptual may give you a more pleasing print because it tries to maintain color relationships, but it’s not necessarily an accurate reflection of what you see tonally onscreen. Choosing Relative may provide a more accurate interpretation of the tone of the photo, but you may not like the final color as much.

So which one should you choose? The one that looks best on your own printer. Relative is probably the most popular choice, but personally I usually use Perceptual because my style uses very rich, saturated colors, and it seems that Perceptual gives me better color on my particular printer. To determine which option gives the best results on your printer, print test prints for each photo. Try one with Perceptual and one with Relative. When the prints come out, you’ll know right away which setting works best for your printer.

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