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Party Shuffle

The Party Shuffle automatically creates a dynamic playlist based on your settings (shown below). It constantly updates, adding a new song whenever the current song ends. You can add songs manually, delete songs, or rearrange the order of songs at any time. Songs that you add manually stay in the list.

To create a Party Shuffle playlist:

  1. Select “Party Shuffle” in the Source list. If it’s not there, go to iTunes Preferences, click the “General” button, then check (or uncheck) “Party Shuffle.”
  2. Party Shuffle instantly shows a playlist based on the option settings found at the bottom of the window, circled above.
  3. Use the “Source” pop-up menu to select the Music Library or any playlist as a source from which Party Shuffle can choose songs. Party Shuffle will see only songs that are checked. Unchecked songs in the selected source will be ignored.
  4. Click “Play higher rated songs more often” if you’ve rated your songs, as described on page 241.
  5. Use the “Display” pop-up menus to set how many recently played songs and upcoming songs you want added to the list (up to 100).
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