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Quick Links

Quick Link buttons (an arrow inside a circle) can be seen in the “Name” column, the “Artist” column, and the “Album” column. They are literally quick links to pages in the iTunes Store. Quick Links for the same item that are in different columns may go to different Store pages, depending on the column the Quick Link is in. If you click on a Quick Link in the “Name” column, iTunes will search for that particular song or video in the iTunes Store.

All songs, albums, and videos have a Quick Link button, but it only works if the item is actually available in the iTunes Store.

When you click a playlist in the Source list, a Quick Link button appears next to it. These buttons in the Source list are links to publish the playlist as an iMix (read about iMix on page 215). If you try to publish a playlist that contains some songs that are not available at the iTunes Store, iMix will ignore those songs and publish only the ones available there.

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