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Print CD Jewel Case Inserts, Song Listings, or Album Listings

Being able to burn a CD of your own customized playlists is really cool. Then you have to clumsily scrawl some kind of description on it with a felt tip pen so you’ll know what’s on it. Oh, wait—that was last century. Now you just select a design and let iTunes print a beautiful CD case insert that includes album art and a list of songs. You can also print song lists and album lists.

To print a CD jewel case insert, song listing, or album listing:

  1. Select a playlist in the Source list.
  2. From the File menu, choose “Print....”
  3. In the dialog box, choose one of the “Print” options: “CD jewel case insert,” “Song listing,” or “Album listing.”
  4. From the “Theme” pop-up menu, choose a layout style.
  5. Click the “Print...” button to send to a printer.
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