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Status Display

When iTunes is playing a song or video, the Status display (at the top of the iTunes window) shows three lines of information: item name, artist identification, track time, and an audio track bar.

The item name (the top line) in the Status display always shows the name of the song or video playing.

The artist identification is shown in the middle line. This line automatically scrolls through the artist and collection name. Click on it to cycle through these two bits of information.

The audio track bar on the bottom line indicates the current location of playback in relation to the entire song. To move to any point in a song or video, drag the playhead (the small black diamond) left or right. Or just click anywhere along the length of the audio track bar to position the playhead.

When iTunes is playing the Radio Tuner, the Status display is similar.

The top line shows the name of the station. The middle line shows the name of the song playing or the URL (Internet address) of the radio station. The bottom line is a blank audio track bar. You can’t drag ahead or back in Radio streaming files.

No matter what you’re listening to, you can turn the Status display into a mini graphic equalizer: Click the small triangle button on the left side of the window. This feature doesn’t offer control of any kind, but it’s fun. Click the button again to return to the normal display of status information.

The SnapBack button

The curved arrow on the right side of the Status display is a SnapBack button. The SnapBack button returns you to the song that’s currently playing. For example, you play a song from a CD, then you switch to the Library, and then to the iTunes Store, and then to a shared playlist. You may not remember where the song that’s playing is coming from, but when you click the SnapBack button, iTunes instantly shows the CD’s contents and highlights the song that’s playing.

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