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Favorite Keyboard Shortcuts

These are the iTunes keyboard shortcuts that you’ll have the most fun with:

Command Option 1

toggles between Show Player and Hide Player

Command T

toggles Visuals on and off

Command F

toggles Visualizer full-screen mode on and off

Command DownArrow

turns the volume down

Command UpArrow

turns the volume up


first tap selects the beginning of the current song; second tap selects the previous song


selects the next song

Option Command DownArrow

mutes the sound


toggles between Pause and Play

Other keyboard shortcuts:

Command N

creates a new playlist

Shift Command N

creates a new playlist from the highlighted songs (not the songs that are checked)

Command A

selects all songs in the current song list

Shift Command A

deselects all songs in the current song list

Command R

shows current song file in the Finder

Command E

ejects a CD

Command M

minimizes Player window to the Dock

Command ?

launches iTunes Help

Command Q

quits iTunes

Visualizer shortcuts:


changes Visualizer to a new random set of visual effects


cycles through Visualizer modes


toggles between Normal and High Contrast colors


resets Visualizer to the default settings


displays song information


toggles Frame Rate Display on and off


displays the Apple logo briefly when Visuals are turned on

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