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Play the Radio

Click “Radio” to open the Radio Tuner. You can tune into the Internet radio stations that are built into iTunes (or whose addresses you have entered). These stations play a wide variety of music, news, and talkshow programs.

To play the radio in iTunes:

  1. Click “Radio” in the Source list to see the radio options in the “Stream” column (the same column that is labeled “Name” when the selected Source is a CD, an album, or your Library).
  2. Click the disclosure triangle of a radio category to see the various choices of streaming Internet connections.
  3. Double-click a stream to begin playing it. iTunes will open the designated URL (web address) and start playing the content.

iTunes uses technology that allows content to start steaming immediately. It continues to download data as the file plays. If you do not have a full-time Internet connection, connect to the Internet before you double-click a radio selection.

To enter another radio address:

If you know the web address of a streaming radio station that’s not in the iTunes Radio Tuner, you can manually enter it.

  1. From the Advanced menu at the top of your screen, choose “Open Stream....”
  2. In the text field of the “Open Stream” window, enter the web address. The address must be a complete URL (it must include “http://”).
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