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Quick Summary: Using the Swatches palette



Choose a color from the Swatches palette

To choose a color for the currently selected color square (Foreground or Background), click a color swatch; to choose a color for the unselected color square, Ctrl-click/Cmd-click a swatch.

Add a color to the Swatches palette (colors on the palette are available for all documents)

Mix or choose a Foreground color by using the Color palette, Color Picker, or Eyedropper tool, then click the New Swatch of Foreground Color button presentbutton.jpgon the palette. (Or to name the swatch as you create it, click the blank area below the swatches on the Swatches palette or right-click/Control-click any swatch and choose New Swatch; enter a name, then click OK.)

Delete a swatch from the Swatches palette

Alt-click/Option-click the swatch to be deleted (scissors pointer), A or right-click/Control-click a swatch and choose Delete Swatch. This can’t be undone.

Save the current swatches on the palette as a library

Choose Save Swatches from the palette menu (keep the .aco extension when you enter a name in the dialog).

Save changes to an existing user-created library

Follow the instructions above, except retype the same name for the library. When the alert dialog appears, click Replace.

Load a user-created library or a preset swatch library

From the Swatches palette menu, choose a library name, then either click Append to append the new swatches while keeping the existing ones on the palette or click OK to replace the current swatches with the new ones (an alert may appear, giving you the option to save the current swatches).

Restore the default swatches

Choose Reset Swatches from the Swatches palette menu, then click OK. An alert may appear, giving you the option to save the current swatches.

Save the current swatches for use in another Adobe Creative Suite program

Choose the Save Swatches for Exchange command on the Swatches palette menu.

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