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Choosing a mode for the History palette

As you work on a document, your edits are recorded and listed on the History palette.history_pal.jpg A In Preferences > Performance > History & Cache: History States, you can control the maximum number of states that the palette may list. If this number is exceeded, prior states are deleted from the palette to make room for the new ones. Each open document has its own list of states, but the states will remain on the palette only until you close the document

A fast way to undo multiple edits is by clicking a prior state on the History palette. You can work with the palette in either of two modes. To change modes, choose History Options from the palette menu, then check or uncheck Allow Non-Linear History. With the palette in linear mode (Allow Non-Linear History unchecked), if you click an earlier state and resume editing from or delete that state, all subsequent (dimmed) states will be discarded. Simple.

In nonlinear mode, if you click (or delete) an earlier state, subsequent states won’t be deleted or become dimmed. In this mode, if you resume image editing with an earlier state selected, your next edit will show up as the latest state on the palette. The latest state will incorporate the earlier stage of the image plus your newest edit, and all the states in between will be preserved. If you change your mind, you can click any in-between state whenever you like and resume editing from there. To learn more about this mode, see pages 88–90.

  • The Make Layer Visibility Changes Undoable option in the History Options dialog makes the clicking on or off of the visibility icon on the Layers palette register as a history state. If you want to prevent those states from taking up space on the palette, keep this option off.
  • To undo an unintentional file save, click a pre-Save state on the History palette.
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