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Rotating an image

The Rotate Canvas commands rotate all the layers in an image. (To rotate just one layer at a time, use a rotate command on the Edit > Transform submenu instead.)

To rotate an image by an exact amount:

  • Do either of the following:

    Choose Image > Rotate Canvas > 180°, 90° CW (clockwise), or 90° CCW (counterclockwise).

    Choose Image > Rotate Canvas > Arbitrary. The Rotate Canvas dialog opens. Enter an Angle value, click °CW (clockwise) or °CCW (counterclockwise), then click OK.

You didn’t have a tripod handy for that unforgettable moment? Did a sloppy job of scanning? You can straighten out your photo with the Ruler tool.

To straighten a crooked image:

  1. Choose the Ruler tool ruler.jpg(I or Shift-I), formerly the Measure tool.
  2. Drag along a feature of the image that you want to orient horizontally or vertically, A and note the angle (A) value on the Options bar.
  3. Choose Image > Rotate Canvas > Arbitrary. The angle you dragged will appear in the Angle field.
  4. Click OK. B You can crop the image to remove any background color areas that resulted from the rotation. C
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