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To make the colors in your photos pop a bit more than they do, increase the saturation. Or conversely, if colors are too bright, you can bring the saturation down to bleed out some of the color.

To adjust the saturation, do the following:

  1. Click the Saturation tool in the sidebar.
  2. Click an edit tile above the image to apply a saturation setting (Figure 4.31). Or, drag the slider below the tiles to make a finer setting.
    Figure 4.31

    Figure 4.31 Saturation options.

  3. Click the green Save button (the checkmark) to apply the setting.

Preserve Skin Tones

When the Preserve Skin Tones box is checked, Photoshop Express adds a few more smarts to the algorithms it uses to determine saturation levels. People in the picture don't end up looking like they're holding their breath due to oversaturated skin tones. If there are no people present, you can uncheck this box and gain a little more saturation.

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