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Apply Adjustments

I cover the details of each adjustment type later in this chapter, but first you need to understand how to apply the edits. Each type has its own specific controls, as you'll discover, but the following steps are used by most of them.

  1. With a photo open in the editor, click an adjustment name in the sidebar to view its options (Figure 4.5).
    Figure 4.5

    Figure 4.5 Adjustments.

    For most adjustment types, a series of tiles appears above your image, giving you a quick preview of how the edit will affect the photo (Figure 4.6).
    Figure 4.6

    Figure 4.6 General editing controls.

  2. As you move the mouse cursor over the tiles, your image below temporarily changes to preview the tiles' settings. Click a tile to apply that version.

    For more granular adjustments, drag the slider below the tiles until the image looks right to you (Figure 4.7).

    Figure 4.7

    Figure 4.7 Settings slider.

  3. Click the Save button (the green checkmark next to the edit tiles, not the blue Save button) to apply the change. In the sidebar list, a checkbox appears next to the adjustment's name to indicate that it has been applied.

View the original image

As you're editing the photo, you can quickly view the original without jettisoning the work you've done. Click and hold the View Original button at the bottom of the screen (Figure 4.8). The original version is displayed as long as the button is held down.

Figure 4.8

Figure 4.8 View Original.

Cancel an edit

If you're previewing an adjustment and not liking any of the options, you can easily continue without applying the edit. There are two ways to do this:

  • Click the Cancel button (the red X next to the edit tiles, not the button at the bottom of the screen).
  • Click the Reset to original tile, which is marked with a curved arrow icon (Figure 4.9).
    Figure 4.9

    Figure 4.9 Reset to original.

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