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Photomerge Scene Cleaner

You’ve probably seen the photo on the Internet or forwarded via email from a friend: a couple in full wedding attire are exchanging vows on the beach, the ocean meeting the sky in the background, and...what’s that? Yes, a topless sunbather is walking into the frame, ruining an otherwise romantic wedding photo. In Elements 7, however, that photo would be easily salvageable.

The new Photomerge Scene Cleaner lets you take a collection of similar images and selectively “paint out” objects that you’d prefer weren’t in the photo. Select two or more images that contain an element you want to remove; scenes where people are moving are ideal, because Elements takes areas from the background and superimposes them over the person you wish to hide. (In fact, the early name for Scene Cleaner was “Tourist Remover.”) Then, simply use the feature’s Pencil tool to draw over an area from one image to be intelligently copied to your final image.

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