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Presets Preferences

In the Preferences Dialog, click the Presets Tab (FIGURE 4.4).

Figure 4.4

Figure 4.4 This dialog includes the Reset all default Develop settings, the storage location of the application presets and the default settings for export, local adjustment, keyword and color label presets as well as filename and text templates.

It is important here, when using the MCW, that "Store presets with catalog" is checked. This enables you to create settings such as metadata templates, develop presets, and so on to be stored with the related catalog instead of in Lightroom's default local system location. This way, when presets and templates are created for a specific catalog, they will remain in the catalog location and show up within the application when the catalog is targeted for use, even if the catalog is stored offline on another, external hard drive. However, if you do not choose this option, templates and presets are automatically accessible to all catalogs.

It is also important turn off Apply auto tone adjustments, or Lightroom will alter all your files on import with tone adjustments. You will need to experiment with Lightroom's Auto Tone adjustments to see if they are appropriate for your type of photography. This can be better managed by toggling on/off the Auto Tone feature at the import stage for specific groups of images. If checked here in the presets preferences, images that were adjusted or enhanced in other image-editing programs will have Auto Tone adjustments applied to "finished" JPEG, Tiff, or PSD files.

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