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Flagging picks and rejects and deleting images

Now that you have narrowed down a selection of images to one favorite in the Survey view, you can mark your choice with a flag.

Flagging images as picks or rejects as you review them is an effective way to quickly sort your work. A white flag indicates a pick (flagged_pick.jpg), a black one with an x marks a reject (flagged_reject.jpg), and a neutral grey flag shows that an image has not been flagged (flagged_neutral.jpg).

  1. Still in the Survey view, move the pointer over the remaining photo to see the flag icons below the lower left corner. The grayed icons indicate that the image is not yet flagged. Click the flag to the left. The flag turns white, which marks this image as a pick. In the Filmstrip, you can see that the thumbnail now displays a white flag in the upper left of the image cell.

  2. Select a different image in the Filmstrip, and then press the X key. The black reject flag icon appears at the lower left corner of the image in the Survey view and at the upper left of the thumbnail in the Filmstrip. The thumbnail of the rejected image is dimmed in the Filmstrip.

  3. Press the Delete key on your keyboard. In the dialog box that appears, click Remove to remove the photo from your catalog without deleting the master image file from your hard disk.

As you have removed the image from the library catalog it is no longer visible in the Filmstrip.

  1. Press the G key or click the Grid view icon in the Toolbar to see all the remaining images as thumbnails in the Grid view.
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