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Grouping images in the Quick Collection

Collections are a convenient way to group photos in your catalog, even when the image files are actually located in different folders on your hard disk. You can create a new collection for a particular presentation or use collections to group your images by category or any other association. Your collections are always available from the Collections panel where you can access them quickly.

Moving images into or out of the Quick Collection

  1. You’ll find a listing for the Quick Collection in the Catalog panel in the left panel group. If necessary, expand the Catalog panel in order to see it.

  2. In the Grid view, select the portrait format images in cells 1, 2, 4, and 5 by Ctrl-clicking / Command-clicking them.

  3. To add the selected images to the Quick Collection, press the B key or choose Photo > Add To Quick Collection.

  4. The number 4 appears beside the listing for the Quick Collection in the Catalog panel, indicating that the Quick Collection now contains four images. If you have activated the option Show Quick Collection Markers in the Library View Options dialog box, each image in the Quick Collection is marked with a gray dot in the upper right corner of its thumbnail in the Grid view. The same markers are also shown in the Filmstrip unless the Filmstrip height—and with it the thumbnail size—is set to be very small.

You can remove all selected photos from the Quick Collection by simply clicking the marker on one of the thumbnails or by pressing the B key.

  1. For this exercise, remove only the image in cell 5 from the group by first deselecting the other three images and then—with only the image in cell 5 selected—pressing the B key. Your Quick Collection is reduced to three images.

Converting and clearing the Quick Collection

  1. Click the Quick Collection entry in the Catalog panel. The Grid view now displays only three images. Until you clear the Quick Collection, you can easily return to this group of images to review your selection.

Now that you’ve honed your selection you can save your images to a more permanent Collection.

  1. Choose File > Save Quick Collection.
  2. In the Save Quick Collection dialog box, type New York Skyscrapers in the Collection Name box. Activate the option Clear Quick Collection After Saving and click save.

  3. In the Catalog panel, you can see that the Quick Collection now has an image count of 0; the Quick Collection has been cleared. Expand the Collections panel if necessary so that you can see the listing for your new collection, which displays an image count of 3.

  4. In the Folders panel, click the Lesson 4 folder. The grid view once more shows all the photos of New York including those in the skyscrapers collection.
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