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Working with the Filmstrip

No matter which module or view you’re working in, the Filmstrip across the bottom of the Lightroom workspace provides constant access to the images in your selected folder or collection.

As with the Grid view, you can quickly navigate through your images in the Filmstrip using the arrow keys on your keyboard. If there are more images than will fit in the Filmstrip you can use the scroll bar below the thumbnails, drag the Filmstrip by the top edge of the thumbnail frame, or click the shaded thumbnails at either end.

Hiding the Filmstrip and adjusting its size

  1. Click the triangle in the lower border of the workspace window to hide and show the Filmstrip. Right-click / Control-click the triangle to set the automatic show and hide options.

  2. Position the pointer over the top edge of the Filmstrip; the cursor becomes a double arrow. Drag the top edge of the Filmstrip up or down to enlarge or reduce the thumbnails. The narrower you make the Filmstrip the more thumbnails it can display.

Using filters in the Filmstrip

With so few photos in the Lesson 4 folder it’s not difficult to see all the images at once in the Filmstrip. However, when you are working with a folder containing many images it can be inconvenient to scroll the Filmstrip looking for the images you want. Use the Filmstrip filters to narrow down the images displayed in the Filmstrip to only those that share a specified flag status, rating, color label, or any combination of these attributes.

In the Filmstrip you can see that one of the images in the Lesson 4 folder displays the white Pick flag that you assigned in a previous exercise. If you don’t see the flag, activate the option Show Ratings And Picks In Filmstrip in the Interface tab in Lightroom Preferences.

  1. From the filters menu at the top right of the Filmstrip, choose Flagged. Only the image with the white flag is displayed in the Filmstrip.

  2. The white flag icon is now highlighted among the Filter controls in the top bar of the Filmstrip. You can activate or disable any of the filters you saw in the filters menu by clicking the Filter controls buttons. You can set up a combination of filters and save it as a custom preset. Click to deactivate the white flag filter in the top bar of the Filmstrip or choose Filters Off from the menu to disable all filters. The Filmstrip once more displays all the images in the folder.

Change the sorting order of the thumbnails

Use the Sort Direction control and the Sort Criteria menu in the Toolbar to change the display order of the thumbnails images in the Grid view and the Filmstrip.

  1. If the Sort Direction control is not currently visible in the Toolbar, choose Sorting from the tools menu at the right of the Toolbar. Click the Sort Direction control (control.jpg) to reverse the sorting direction of the thumbnails.
  2. Choose Pick from the Sort Criteria menu beside the Sort Direction control.

The thumbnails are rearranged to display the images with a white Pick flag first in the Grid and the Filmstrip.

You can arbitrarily change the sorting order for images you’ve group as a Collection.

  1. If you are not already in the Grid view, press G on your keyboard or click the Library Grid button at the left of the top bar of the Filmstrip.

  2. Expand the Collections panel in the left panel group and click the New York Skyscrapers collection that you created earlier.

  3. In the Grid view, drag the third thumbnail to the left and release the pointer when you see a black insertion bar appear to the left of the first image.

The image snaps to its new location.

  1. Your manual sorting order is saved and listed as User Order in the Sort Criteria menu. Choose File Name from the Sort Criteria menu; then return to your manual sorting by choosing User Order.

Congratulations; you’ve finished another lesson. You’ve gained confidence navigating through your library and learned techniques for reviewing, sorting, filtering, and grouping your images as collections. You’ll learn more about structuring and organizing your photo library in the next lesson.

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