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Indenting Paragraphs

Indenting offers a quick way to structure your text since indented items signal that they are less important, or at least a subset, of the less-indented item above. It’s no wonder that indenting plays a big role in creating outlines, which like Web pages focus on the structure of the information rather than its appearance. Not to worry: Using CSS you can control precisely how indented text looks. But it’s a separate process covered in “Creating Styles with CSS” on page 123. Here, we just show you how to apply a basic indent.

To indent paragraph:

  1. Click anywhere in a single paragraph (or click and drag to select multiple paragraphs).
  2. Press tab.gif or the Increase Indent Position button in the Common or Formatting toolbars (Figure 4.15).

    Figure 4.15

    Figure 4.15 The Increase Indent Position button appears in the Common and Formatting toolbars.

    The selected paragraph(s) indents (Figure 4.16). To further indent the text, click the button again.

    Figure 4.16

    Figure 4.16 The selected paragraph indents by 40 pixels.

To indent a paragraph's first line:

  1. Click anywhere in the paragraph, and choose Format > Paragraph (Figure 4.17).

    Figure 4.17

    Figure 4.17 To indent just a paragraph’s first line, choose Format > Paragraph.

  2. In the Paragraph dialog box, type a number in the Indent first line field or use the small arrows to select a number (Figure 4.18).

    Figure 4.18

    Figure 4.18 In the Paragraph dialog box, type a number in the Indent first line field. The Preview area at the bottom shows the effect.

    The bottom Preview area shows the effect.

  3. When you’re satisfied, click OK to close the dialog box and apply the indent (Figure 4.19).

    Figure 4.19

    Figure 4.19 The first line of the selected paragraph indents by the amount you select.

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