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Create a Personal Budget Worksheet

After adequately researching their careers, students should create a personal budget worksheet to balance their household budget. Fortunately, Numbers offers an easy-to-use template that only needs a little bit of customization. The students can use Numbers to list and organize their expenses throughout the exercise.

  1. Launch the Numbers application.

    Depending on your computer’s setup, you’ll either find Numbers located in the computer’s Dock or by navigating to the iWork folder inside your Applications folder.

  2. From the Template Chooser, select the Budget template and click Choose.

    A new document opens. This is a budget that can be adapted to work for the students’ exercise. It will need to be reformatted slightly.

  3. In the Sheets list, double-click the text labeling the sheet Checklist and rename it with the students’ names.
  4. Repeat for the title on the page as well.

  5. Click the Monthly Net Income table to select it.
  6. Enter the household income for monthly net income.

    If a formula is needed, use something like this (Job A and Job B here represent the annual salary earned by each member of the group):

    = (Job A + Job B)/12

  7. Enter an amount into the planned monthly savings.

    This amount should be between 5% and 15% of the Monthly Net Income cell.

  8. Click the Additional Income table to select it.
  9. Enter expected revenue (if any) not covered by the group’s salary.

    This can include bonuses, financial investments, or part-time jobs. Let students know that they can revisit this additional revenue later in order to balance their budget, but must be able to justify the amount of money entered.

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