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Living for the Weekend with Your Palm Centro

This chapter explains why you shouldn't reserve your Palm Centro for use only during the week.
This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

This chapter contains...

This chapter is about being mobile. Finally. After a long week and endless tasks and duties, it’s prime time. If you were going out tonight and you forgot your Palm® Centro™ smartphone, would you go back for it because you couldn’t conceive of being without it? Well, this chapter will convince you why you would.

From social networking to buying movie tickets to scene-hopping with the gang, the night is young and your batteries are charged.

Fast redialing tips

  • Open the Phone app, then press the green Send/Talk button to see the last 10 numbers you’ve dialed. Select one using the 5-way and press the green Send/Talk button again to dial.
  • To call the last number dialed, press Send/Talk twice.

When privacy matters

Password tips

When choosing passwords, remember that you must type them using the Centro keyboard, so *9hf$$jj@, while secure, would be extremely difficult to type all the time.

  • You must press the Shift or Option key for capital letters and symbols, so use these sparingly when deciding on a password.
  • If you include numbers in your password, you need to press the Option key first followed by the number key.
  • For best results try using lower-case letter passwords for speed, and only the edges of the keyboard so you make fewer mistakes by avoiding the middle of the keyboard. Look at your keyboard and try these for speed, accuracy, and ideas:
    • qpwo
    • alsk
    • ppppq
    • mlpo (right hand)
  • Kill pill apps will erase your device upon receiving a certain text. SecureX and MSafe are two popular apps.
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