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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Follow the weekend’s sports

Get your game on for the weekend. There are a thousand and one things your smartphone can do for your local sports activities, as well as monitoring collegiate and professional sports, too. Some like to tuck their devices tightly into their socks as they play hoops, letting the vibration of a new call stop them in their tracks. From checking the score to keeping score, here are some ideas.

Top picks

  • Using your camcorder or camera at events is difficult when you’re in the stands. Try videoing your buddies’ reactions for a great play by play.
  • Use Twitter or Bluepulse or the other social networking services to keep your gang informed about a mutual friend’s game. See pages 106 and 108.
  • Update your MySpace page with photos and video from the events by using Flikr, Picasa, or JuiceCaster. See pages 96 and 97.
  • There are lots of calendar programs for PCs and Macs that detail matches and play times. Put them in your Outlook and iCal computer files, then sync over to your device for mobile viewing.
  • Search Ebay for “Armband Gym Case for Palm Centro” to find a case to wear running, biking, or hiking with your Centro smartphone on your arm.

Palm Mobile Portal

The Palm Mobile Portal leads you to web sites that fit on your device screen. Check the Sports links which include ESPN, Fox Sports, and Sports Illustrated, giving you all the sports news you could ever want, much of it updated continuously.

Team sites

Most collegiate and professional sports have their own mobile sites. Sometimes they’re regional, for example, which has everything Michigan in the world of sports. Look for your favorite teams, or start a mobile site yourself for fellow enthusiasts.

  • Set Calendar events with times for sports events you want to watch live.
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